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Skype: betterdrilling2008

Product name : High G Drying Shaker
Model No. : Customized acceptable
Quality Standard : #API & ISO
Origin : CN
Package : Plywood case / Steel Pallet
HS code : 8431431000
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-Processing those drilling cuttings from the primary solid control equipment (shale shaker, D-sander, D-silter) to dry them for transportation;
-First-stage in the waste management processing system, to match with vertical cutting dryer to work;
-Special structure, long shaker deck and stable processing result, linear vibration motion
-Delivers high-capacity separation efficiency and operation flexibility;
-Durable pretension composite screens, provides longer screen life and larger screening area;
-Deliver high processing capacities, flexible fluid distribution, generate drier cuttings, lowers solid waste volume and reduce the drilling waste disposal cost
-Up to 8.0G operation mode, adjustable vibration frequency, high efficiency, enhance overall solids control efficiencies
-Vibrating Motor: Italy OLI /American Martin, IEC Ex and ATEX Option Available
-Surface painting & coating with heavy anticorrosive brand paint
-Wedged Type Shaker Screen for fast screens changing
-Electrical control system: Explosion-proof electrical system and ABB or Siemens, Schneider electrical components.

Basic technical specification
  • Vibratory Motion Type Linear Motion, Adjustable G force ≤8.0G
  • Capacity up to 150m3/h (660GPM)
  • Screen Deck angle range -1°~+5° adjustable by electrical or manual, Vibration Amplitude 4.4~6.34mm
  • Screen area 585×1165mm 2.73m2 Composite frame or metal frame for optional 4 pcs
  • Motor specifications 1.94Kw 2 pcs, ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
  • Feeding type Hopper feeder
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