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Company News >> Warm Congratulations on BETTER New Website Completion
Warm Congratulations on BETTER New Website Completion
BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited is always focusing on heavy duty mission magnum 2500 centrifugal pump and Mission MCM pump parts, and a comprehensive solution for solid/slurry/mud handling, drilling fluid processing, solid control equipment, drilling waste management in oil, gas & water well drilling, mining and geothermal exploration. We cooperated with our foreign partner to develop new products constantly in our own production base and combining a series of advantaged sources to provide optimalizing products and service for our domestic and abroad customers. Our new website of drillingfluidsolution is another window we open to you, and aims at showing more what can do you. We are looking forward to be found here by all new parnters in the worldwide and to be one of your valuable sources.

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