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Company History
Company History<<

We run our business from a small workshop for the production of Mission interchangeable Pump and Parts with our domestic and foreign friends’ help from 2008;

Introducing the new products of DEMCO NE-C style long-neck Butterfly Valve and Varco Tong dies and inserts in 2009;

Our senior engineer joined us and to help us to development a complete production line of solid control equipment in 2010;

Studying and start-up new products of Kemper style hammer seal union and DEMCO DM interchangeable gate valve parts in 2011;

To market and promote oilfield drilling mud pump and fluid end expendables from 2012;

The development of new series of pump -250 series and 14x12x22 Blender pump and promoting in overseas markets in 2013;

Cooperate with the professional submersible pump factory to develop ZJQ type submersible slurry pump and success to export to USA in 2014;

New website establishment in 2016 for a complete line of drilling fluid solution;

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